What’s the Weather Like When Traveling to Martinique?

Martinique is the northernmost island of the Windward Islands amid in the eastern Caribbean Sea. The Caribbean Sea is on the west ancillary of the island and Atlantic Ocean on the eastern side. It has admirable backdrop including Mount Pelee which is a agitable abundance over 4,500 anxiety high.


Martinique has a wet altitude with about 80 inches of rain per year on average. The wettest time of year occurs as close after-effects accompany an access in showers during blow season. There may be two or three canicule with sunshine again an access in showers with a close wave. Scattered showers frequently body with daytime heating abnormally during the summer. Thunderstorms are in fact not that accepted with alone 5 or six thunderstorm canicule in anniversary of the summer months. Condensate amounts absolute eight to eleven inches during July through November on average. The driest time of year occurs from backward winter to aboriginal bounce area three to four inches of condensate occurs on the boilerplate month.


Temperatures on Martinique are absolutely compatible all year long. Daytime highs ambit from the low 80’s in the winter to high 80’s in the summer. Morning low temperatures alter even beneath with lows in the low 70’s during the winter and mid 70’s during the summer.

Travel Acclimate Summary

Martinique has a close altitude with the heaviest showers during the summer and autumn months. Visitors absent to abbreviate their affairs of seeing rain should biking during the backward winter and aboriginal spring. Travelers aswell will wish to break abreast on close acclimate information, abnormally during the blow season.

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